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    Human Feelings as Drugs

    I’ve realized I had been witnessing for a long time a lack of feelings, those feeling that are at the base of human interaction, cooperation and well-being generally.
    Although good human interactions and feelings always find a way to be expressed, the hectic lifestyle we are immersed in makes things more difficult, and the high stress levels sometimes lead people to find recovery using medications, pain-relief drugs and so on…
    The high street market offers a complete range of drugs that should help people recovering from a huge variety of illnesses and their symptoms… but what if those symptoms were only a lack of satisfaction on a spiritual level?
    I have created a series of alternative medicines, vials that contain concentrated amounts of human feelings and ways of interaction such as Love, Empathy, Peace…
    I wish they could really work!…but my aim is to show them as a reminder of what sometimes are the only necessary things to live a better and brighter life.

    Valerio :)

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    They did this in the SyFy show Alice. Human emotions were drained and given to Wonderlanders as drugs
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